4 Foot Halfpipe

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4 foot Half Pipe

The increased radius allows you to lock in stalls but still able to huck flip tricks. We use skatepark principles with cost effective and practical means. This half pipe is designed and tested for home use.

- Quick build time
- Years of testing with skateboards, scooters and BMX
W 4800, 3600, 2400 or 1800 x L 7328 x H 4 foot
Top deck 497
Build time 1.5-3 hrs W1800 // 4-6 hrs W2400, 3600 & 4800 (2 People)
Paint and skatelite not included
All parts pre drilled and cut with CNC machine
5mm hex bit, drill and safety gear required
*Standard delivery included from Newcastle, remote delivery additional cost